Welcome to the Wolflamb.es website (hereinafter referrd to as: “WOLFLAMB”, “we” or “us”). The Wolflamb.es access and use as well as buying the WOLFLAMB products involves  reading, acknowledging and accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, applied to all all  orders placed by the customer (hereinafter referred to as: “user” or “you”).
The products purchased on Wolflamb.es are directly sold by Maria del Mar Cordero Garcia (hereinafter referred to as: WOLFLAMB) with NIF 47384864B and address in 51st Llull Street , 6th floor, apartment 5, post code 08005, Barcelona.
You can contact Wolflamb through our Customer Service at (+34) 936 761 071 Monday to Friday from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM (18:30 GMT) or by email to info@wolflamb.es at any time.

  1. WOLFLAMB offers its products for sale exclusively to final consumers, only persons 18 years or older, for purposes other than those that belong to them to trade, business or professional activities that may develop. If you are not an end user, please refrain on conducting business transactions on Wolflamb.es.
  2. Wolflamb reserves the right to not process orders from users that do not meet the above paragraph.
  3. These Terms of Use govern exclusively the offer, the acceptance of purchase orders and shipping products to the users of Wolflamb.es.


  1. On the website you will find information about the products, the services offered and about the possibility of contracting them. In order to process orders correctly, the user must provide the data requested for that purpose and must adhere to this Conditions of Use in the version published at the time of accessing the website. The data of those users will be incorporated into a database owned by WOLFLAMB and will be treated in accordance with the indicated in the Privacy Policy.Finally, there are pages of the online store accessible to users that do not purchase products. These users, however, agree to these Terms of Use, to the extent that may be applicable to them.

    1. As noted above, prior to the purchase of products and prior to transmitting the order form, we ask the user to carefully read and to expressly accept the Terms of Use. We recommend all users to print one copy and archive another copy for your personal use.
    2. To order one or more products on Wolflamb.es, the user must follow the steps indicated in the purchase process by filling in with the information requested, confirming the purchase of the products added in the cart and making the payment for the order. By confirming the purchase of the products added to the cart, the user will have all the information related to the purchase in his personal account (including the cost associated with the transport of the order to the indicated address) and all relevant contractual data.

  2. users who purchase products on the website, will undertake the payment when the confirmation of the purchase is made.
  3. Once you have completed your order, you will receive an email confirmation detailing the aquired products and their prices, shipping costs, the payment method, shipping address and other contractual transaction data.
  4. Orders will be stored in the database of Maria del Mar Garcia Cordero for a period of time that will not exceed the limits established by law.
  5. WOLFLAMB may decline to process orders submitted by users who do not offer adequate guarantees of solvency, which prove to be incomplete or incorrect, those whose confirmation of payment is not received within 48 hours and if the selected products are not available. In such cases, WOLFLAMB will inform the user via email that the order is not processed correctly, properly specifying the reasons therefor, and, where appropriate, will make the reimbursement of the sum that has been anticipated for the products not available.


  1. On Wolflamb.es are for sale only Wolflamb products.
  2. Wolflamb reserves the right to decide, at all times the products that are offered through Wolflamb.es. In particular, Wolflamb may at any time add or remove products from the online store.
  3. The essential characteristics of the products are presented within each product sheet on Wolflamb.es. Despite Wolflamb’s meticulous care in providing an accurate reproduction, the images and colours offered for sale on Wolflamb.es, may, however not accurately reflect reality, due to specific characteristics of the Internet browser or the user’s screen.
  4. The prices of the products that are sold on Wolflamb.es, always appear in euros (€) and includes the VAT (21%) excepting to countries that are not part of the European Union. In such cases, the tax will be deducted and the custom duty will be charged as appropriate on the arrival of the order. At these prices will be added the relevant shipping costs. The shipping costs will be communicated to the user before formalizing the order and must be expressly accepted by the user in order to confirm the purchase.
  5. The prices of the products may be subject to updates. Nevertheless, the prices WOLFLAMB applies to each order are those current at the time the user confirms the purchase of the products added to its cart, regardless of the day the delivery is made. The user must check and make sure what the final price is, before confirming the order.
  6. Wolflamb.es makes deliveries around the world through NACEX. Wolflamb.es does not deliver to P.O. Boxes. According to the international laws governing the trade in imports and exports of all orders, Wolflamb.es ships its products from Valencia (Spain) with an official invoice declaring the exact total of merchandise purchased in euros (€). According to the international import regulation, it is illegal to declare lower values for those paid or the items as gifts.
  7. The shipping fees may vary depending on the promotions Wolflamb.es may want to apply at any given time, or changes in rates given by transport companies.


  1. Users who purchase products on Wolflamb.es agrees to pay in the moment they confirm the purchase.
  2. The payment for the prices of the products and the respective shipping can be made by bank transfer or PayPal. WOLFLAMB commits in using the most effective and safe methods of current technology to transmit the data and the payments for each transaction. These shipments will always be encrypted through a secure server.
  3. No later than 24 hours from receiving the payment confirmation, WOLFLAMB will send the user via email, a confirmation of the purchase, including the order number. This confirmation it is not valid as an invoice, it is just a proof of purchase.
  4. The invoice for the purchase order will be available and displayed on Wolflamb.es in the section My Account: Orders. The invoice will also be sent together with your package.
  5. The credit card fraud is a crime and WOLFLAMB will prosecute anyone who makes fraudulent transactions in our store.


  1. WOLFLAMB commits to delivering the products in perfect condition at the address specified in the order form by the user. In order to optimize deliveries, we recommend the user to indicate an address where the order can be delivered during normal working hours.
  2. WOLFLAMB will not be responsible for errors caused in the delivery when the shipping address entered by the user in the order form does not conform to reality or has been omitted.
  3. The maximum delivery period is thirty (30) days, as stated by the law. However, the usual delivery period is from 1 to 10 working days following confirmation of the order.

    1. These delivery periods are means and therefore an estimate. Therefore, it is possible to vary due to logistical reasons or force majeure. In cases of delays in deliveries, WOLFLAMB will inform its customers as soon as it will become aware of it.
    2. Each delivery is considered completed, from the moment the transport company makes the product available to the user which is achieved through the control system used by the carrier.
    3. In case of delays in delivering orders attributable to WOLFLAMB, the user may cancel his order in accordance with the procedure described in the “Returns” section, like dealing with a damaged or defective order , that is, without assuming costs for the shipping and return. They are not considered delays in the delivery cases where the order has been made available to the user by the carrier within the agreed time and was unable to be delivered for reasons attributable to the user.
    4. WOLFLAMB is not responsible for possible delays that may gener at the customs of each country.

  4. WOLFLAMB will send an email, informing the user the moment of departure of the order from the warehouse. The email will include the shipping number and the phone number from “Customer service” belonging to the transport company, so that, in case of incidents on the delivery, the user can contact directly the carrier to solve it.
  5. If at the time of delivery, the user is absent, the carrier will leave a receipt indicating how to proceed to arrange a new delivery.
  6. If 7 working days have passed from departure to the delivery of the order and has not arranged and agreed the delivery, the user should contact WOLFLAMB. If the user does not do so, after 10 working days from the departure to the delivery of the order (or after three delivery attempts), it will be shipped back to the WOLFLAMB warehouse and the user shall be responsible with paying the costs of send and return to the origin of goods, as well as any management costs associated.
  7. If the delivery couldn’t be made because of a lost package matter, our carrier will initiate an investigation. In these casese, the response period of our carriers might usually take from one to three weeks. In such cases, WOLFLAMB will contact with the user, whether to cancel the order and get back the amount paid (costs of goods and shipping costs), or place a new order with no additional costs.
  8. At the moment of delivery, the user should check the condition of the goods in the package, in the presence of the transport company, that, on behalf of WOLFLAMB, makes the delivery of the product ordered, indicating on the delivery note any anomaly detected on the package. If later, after reviewing the item, the user detects any incident regarding a hit, breakage or any damage caused to it by the shipment, it shall communicate by email to WOLFLAMB in the shortest time possible, in order to process the refund.


  1. The damages and imperfections due to incorrect use or handling of articles or the wear away caused by a normal use of the items are not included in this warranty.


  1. The user shall have a period of five (5) days to return the order, counting from the day it was delivered. (Article 44 from Law 7/1996 from the 15th of January, of the Retail Trade amended by Law 47/2002 from the 19th of December.) For this purpose, the user must send an email at info@wolflamb.es specifying the reasons for the return. After receiving the confirmation from the Wolflamb.es team, we will send you a proforma invoice for the return (in case the user resides outside the EU, for customs reasons) which must be attached to the package and a pick-up label from the transport company, that should be placed visibly on the package in order to be collected. In the cases where the user resides in the EU, it must send the product in perfect condition, on their own, in the original package, including the labels in perfect condition and everything that has been sent together with it, to the WOLFLAMB address Llull 51 , 6 pta 5 . CP 08005 Barcelona . España. Exercised by the user the right of return, WOLFLAMB will return the amount received in a period no later than thirty (30) days. Notwithstanding the above provisions, it is excluded the right of withdrawl and/or resolution in those cases where, by the very nature of the items to be acquired, it is impossible to carry out. Please note that exchange or return of swimwear will not be accepted. Due to the nature of swimwear, we do not offer refunds.
  2. The costs of the return are the user’s responsibility, excepting the cases of defective or wrong products.
  3. For the return to be accepted, the products to be returned must meet the following criteria:

    1. The unwanted product must be returned under the current conditions of Wolflamb.es, just the way Wolflamb specifies.
    2. The unwanted product must be in the same condition it was delivered and must contain their original packaging and labeling.
    3. The unwanted product must be returned in the same protective cardboard boxthat has been received, in order to protect the product, or in lack of that, in a similar protective box, so that the product arrives at our warehouse with the maximum possible guarantees.
    4. A copy of the delivery note must be included in the package.

  4. If the requirements of the previous point have been respected, WOLFLAMB will proceed with the payment of the cost of the returned products, minus the cost of return shipping of the same products.
  5. All items that are returned for changes, must be exchanged with articles that are available on Wolflamb.es within a maximum of five (5) days from the receipt of the returned product.
  6. The returns that are not finalized because of the customer, within a maximum period of seven (7) days after receiving the WOLFLAMB confirmation, may be rejected.
  7. he products on sale may be returned or exchanged in accordance with the current return policy but cash refunds will not be made.


  1. For any clarification, incident or complaint, the user can contact the WOLFLAMB Customer service department phoning at (+34) 936 761 071, Monday to Friday from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM (18:30 GMT). Or you can also contact us by email at info@wolflamb.es.


  1. All elements and contents of Wolflamb.es and each of the products, such as images, photographs, text, music, sounds, videos, documents, logos and other material, in any format published on Wolflamb.es (including the menus, web pages, graphics, colours, diagrams, outline, tools, characters, website design, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of content, methods, processes, functions and software which are part of Wolflamb.es) are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights belonging to WOLFLAMB and Wolflamb.es. In the same way, the Wolflamb.es website has a computer software consideration and, as such, is also protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights.
  2. The user will not reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, perform reverse engineer, distribute, rent, lend, make available, allow public acces through any form of public communication, or perform any other actions prohibited by the intellectual and industrial legislation on none of the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph, unless it has the official consent of WOLFLAMB. The user must use the materials, elements, content and information that acceses through the use of Wolflamb.es, only for their own needs, agreeing and commiting to no make any direct or indirect commercial exploitation of such elements.


  1. WOLFLAMB has taken all the measures within its disposal to prevent on Wolflamb.es a content describing or representing scenes or situations of physical or psychological violence, or such that, according to the sensitivity of the Wolflamb.es users, may be considered harmful to civic convictions, human rights or dignity in all its forms and expressions.
  2. WOLFLAMB has also taken all the necessary precautions to ensure their users that the Wolflamb.es contents are properly looked after and do not contain incorrect information, or that is not updated regarding the date of its publication on the website (and, subsequently, to the extent possible).
  3. Although WOLFLAMB is making everything possible to ensure a continuous acces on its own website, the dynamic nature of the Internet and its contents, may not allow Wolflamb.es operate without interruptions or discontinuities due to the need for website updates. WOLFLAMB can not guarantee its users that the Wolflamb.es website will operate continuously without interruptions, errors or malfunctions due to Internet connection. If you are facing any problems while using Wolflamb.es, please contact our Customer Service or send an email to info@wolfalm.es. An official of Wolflamb.es will be available to provide assistance and help you regain the functionality of your access to the website, as long as this is possible.
  4. WOLFLAMB has taken technical and organizational measures suitable to protect the security of their services on Wolflamb.es and the integrity of the traffic data and electronic communications, protecting it against forms of unauthorized use or knowledge; it has also taken measures to avoid the risk of dispersion, distruction or loss of data or information, reserved and non-reserved, relating to users and those present on Wolflamb.es, as well as prevent unauthorized access or not in accordance with the legislation and regulation, to such information.
  5. The users are fully responsible of their conduct, when accessing information on the web, while operating the same, as well as after accessing. Therefore, users are the only responsible before WOLFLAMB and third parties:

    1. The consequences that may result from the use that has illegal purposes or effects contrary herein, for any content of the web, developed or not by WOLFLAMB published or not under its official name.
    2. As well as the consequences that may result from the use contrary to the contents of this document and adversely affecting the intrests or rights of third parties, or which in any way could damage, disable or impair the website or its services or stop the normal use and enjoyment of the website for other users.

  6. WOLFLAMB reserves the right to update the content when appropriate and to eliminate, limit or prevent access to it temporarly or permanently and to deny the access to the website to users that make an improper use of the content and/breach any of the conditions listed herein.
  7. WOLFLAMB informs that does not guarantee:

    1. that the acces on the website and/or the web links will be uninterrupted or error free.
    2. that the content or the software the users access through the web or web links do not contain any errors or computer viruses or other elements in the contents that may cause alterations in the system or in the electronic documents and files stored on your computer system, or cause other damage.
    3. the use of the information or web content or website links, the users could perform for their own personal benefits and purposes.


  1. The Wolflamb.es online store may contain hyperlinks (known as “links”) to other websites that don’t have nothing to do with Wolflamb.es nor WOLFLAMB.
  2. The purpose of these links is to assist the users in their search and browsing as well as to speed up the hypertext link to other sites. The activation of links does not imply any recommendation or suggestion from WOLFLAMB regarding access to these websites or browsing its pages, or warranties about content, services or goods supplied and sold to Internet Users.
  3. WOLFLAMB does not control such websites or their contents or conduct operations to monitor them. WOLFLAMB can not be held responsible for the content of these websites or adopt rules regarding user privacy or the processing of their personal data while browsing them.