We are You 

Wolflamb was founded 6 years ago by María Cordero. 

María grew up in the handmade clothing workshop that her mom owned in the 90s in A Coruña, Spain, seeing how each day they created unique garments for each of their clients.

They used high quality fabrics and created exclusive designs for each of the women that wanted to express themselves through their style.

For this main reason, with a big effort and enthusiasm she decided to create her own firm, Wolflamb.

To be able to create garments in a traditional way, limited edition and most of all, garments that make you feel unique at all times.

A new Women Fashion Era

At Wolflamb we think and create for and for women. In this era in which everything is already typecast, we women continue to reinvent ourselves everyday, implementing a new lifestyle.

Wolflamb bets on all these independent women who are sure of themselves, and who are convinced that comfort, quality and style are perfectly compatible.

"Don't be the same. Be better" 

We seek to combine fashion and quality creating current designs, with a sexy and elegant touch that gives a specific style to our clients.

Our premis and goal is not to get inspiration from others but to be the inspiration. We advocate for authenticity and respect towards the creative and manufacturing processes to achieve unique and exclusive collections;

Therefore, we do not produce more than 100 units of each of our designs, and all of them are manufactured in small craft workshops, completely Made in Spain.

Without YOU we are nothing 

Thanks to all those who contribute with a  little of their magic to this project, artists, professionals, artisans, clients, influencers, collaborators ...

wonderful people who are part of the Wolflamb universe and without them this project would not be possible, and thanks in particular to Silvia.