Brin Hanson




- Tea or Coffee

Caffeine gives me anxiety - so I stick with caffeine free tea

- Runner or Yogui ( or both )

Both! Plus boxing

- Mornings or nights

Nights! How many times have you connected over deep conversation, laughed so hard your stomach hurt, or gathered with family and friends over good food and wine in the morning? The best things in life happen at night.

- Zodiac sign


- Favorite tv show on Netflix

So hard to choose just one. The Office, Forensic Files, or Friends is constantly playing in the background. But I look forward to new seasons of Orange is The New Black, Schitt's Creek, and Stranger Things, as well as any good documentary.

- Your perfect basic ( clothing )

Can't go wrong with a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

- 3 favorites songs

Of all time? Who Will Save Your Soul - Jewel, Marvin's Room - Drake, Fast Car - Tracy Chapman.

- You don’t like …. ?

Ketchup, aimless walkers, the Patriarchy

- Something that inspires you

Working with other creatives who are passionate and motivated

- Favorite person in the world

My dog (does that count as a person?)

- Dogs or cats

Dogs but cats can chill

- A sentence that defines you

She somehow made it through in one piece, and is better for it.

Brin Hanson