Wolflamb is a firm Made in Spain, its garments are of high quality and exclusive hand made design.  A sophisticated and exclusive Brand that stands out for its elaborated details, high quality textiles and garments full of elegance planned to dress a a sexy, cosmopolitan and defiant woman. Discover Wolflamb’s essence and be the woman that makes every moment a unique and unrepeatable instant.  Among all its designs, there are articles that fit perfectly for both casual outfits and outfits for special occasions. Season after season the Brand conveys sensuality thanks to its designs that are carefully pampered in every single detail, sassy clothes, open backs and select finishes. A hallmark of the firm for our clients to find the sophisticated and timeless style that characterizes Wolflamb’s designs.

María Cordero is the designer of the firm. Her passion for the world of fashion has been dormant throughout her life. During her childhood she used to spend long hours in her mom’s atelier where she found all about the textile world and dressmaking techniques. After travelling the world and photographing different cultures, in 2009 she decided to embark on the world of fashion, applying all her knowledge and creating her first swimwear with her mother. In 2012, she stepped forward and moved to Barcelona to start her new way with Wolflamb, a firm with international renown dedicated to the prêt-à-porter. If you are a woman who is defined by elegance, sensuality and good taste, you’ll find everything you need in Wolflamb.  Find its designs full of details and enjoy things made well. Bet for its unique garments and fine materials that will make you feel as special as you deserve.